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The Waiting Residency

why a waiting residency?

We all spend a lot of time waiting, whether we like it, are aware of it, or not. The imperatives of efficiency and productivity force us to think of waiting as wasted time.  The Waiting Residency - established in August 2020 - aims to shift value from productivity to the act of waiting itself. It is a purely conceptual residency.

how does it work?

Like most artist residencies, it provides a (virtual) space in which residents can wait, alone or with others. It is not about making or about a specific outcome. The residency is self-directed: it is up to each participant how they spend their time, individually or in groups. Waiting may be active or passive or a combination of both.


The residency also provides a space for conviviality, connection and collaboration without the pressure to make or to achieve a specific outcome. 


Currently the Waiting Residency is hosting 40 artists from all over the word. 

can I join?

At the moment the residency is not open to new applicants. To register interest email

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