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Berger ​& Berger is a collaboration with Chinese artist Hanyue Tang

Jo and Dolly Berger want to bring fun back to the labour of art making, and to challenge art that takes itself too seriously. Their work is a playful critique of the business of being an artist. Tongue in cheek and self-assured, Jo and Dolly are never far away from failure or absurdity. 

Screenshot 2020-12-01 at 20.25.58.png
Screenshot 2020-12-01 at 20.27.09.png

"Berger & Berger embodies the new-wave of culturally dissenting artists, artworks, art-handlers, on the fringes of a would-be world that exchanges in ideas and objects sans the predication on stock and capital. Mematic and energetic, the “work” questions the status quo of art and its circularity ...They constitute an energy that moves in and out of the art world, across cultural boundaries, to form the outlines of people that are also artists, but maybe not real artists in order to become something more important than nothing. Something more important than art." 

"Post-pandemic art at its finest, Berger & Berger have really embraced the genre. Through their salt of the earth criticality, Berger & Berger have so much to teach us - but don’t bore them unless you wish to be serenaded ... They will tell you whether a spade is a spade or if it is in fact a work of art. Their profound but ambiguous incomprehension cuts straight to the heart of the matter, forcing us to confront our own joys and expectations and dragging us back to earth. Berger & Berger are all of us. I couldn’t be without them."

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