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Escape landscape (no more boring art)

(2020) 1:19

Premiering at Late at Tate Britain online 15 December 2020 - 4 January 2021.

Jo and Dolly attempt to respond to themes from the Turner's Modern World exhibition, and particularly the theme of landscape.

Anchor 2

Final show (2020) 3:47

Berger& Berger set about 'making art', taking a playful look at the validation which comes from physical making and the expectation of success surrounding the final show. 

Anchor 3

The Interview (2020) 3:22

Jo and Dolly attempt to interview a commercially successful painting.  

Anchor 4

Ways of Not Seeing (2019) 10:24

Almost 50 years since the airing on BBC2 of John Berger’s seminal TV programme Ways of Seeing, Jo and Dolly revisit it with a contemporary slant. They guide us through two prominent art galleries in London, showing new and unexpected ways to approach gallery going. 

Anchor 5

Art Shopping Made Easy (2019)  8:12

Jo and Dolly visit a fair to reveal the secrets of art shopping.

Anchor 6

We will not make any more boring art (2020)

Jo and Dolly sing a tribute to John Baldessari. The nine videos also exist individually and can be seen on Instagram @bergerandberger. 

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